Player SciFi Company Logo Set V1

So after playing around creating a couple mods for my friend I decided to create a custom Player Company Logo for him as well.  Afterward, I thought I might as well create one for myself as well.  Then I thought "Why not just redo all of them and release it as a official mod?"  

So that's what I did and thus became my first official ETS2 Mod which has been posted to a couple ETS2 Modding sites as of a few minutes ago.

What is it?  Well in the game you get to choose your own trucking company logo from eight provided logos.  The provided logos suck...  So I replaced them all with SciFi themed logos!

All new Player Logos were created with images found online during Google image searches.  Some I could add creator info for and others I couldn't as there was no mention who created the image.
All images were edited by me to fit the size required and to remove additional details that did not fit as part of a logo.
I only edited freely available images, someone else was the creative genius who designed the unedited versions.
All images listed below:
Battlestar Galactica  ==== Created by Run on over there and check out his art!
Autobot Logo  ==== No Idea... Actually it's an edited product shot of an Autobot Emblem Car Decal. Can be bought online at various places including "Foremylife Auto Accessaries" on Amazon. No that is not a spelling error on my part, they are actually listed as "Accessaries" in their company name online.
G.I. Joe/Transformers ==== No Idea. Image all over, but no credit to be found.
Knight Industries  ==== No idea either as no artist named anywhere.  Long live KITT! (Knight Industries Two Thousand)
Star Trek Logo  ==== No idea either... Found on various wallpaper sites with no artist name listed.
Wing Commander Logo  ==== Made by "Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn" dev team.  This is a free Wing Commander game located at
Star Wars The Old Republic ==== Morie91 over at  excellent work and makes for fantastic player logo!
Stargate Atlantis Logo ======== No clue as all over the net it seems and no artist named anywhere.



Here is the Original game version:


Here is my updated version:




As you can see... Much better!


Download:  Mega Link

Or Local:


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