Redesigned a Star Trek LCARS Watch theme for my new watch adding better weather, battery status, charging status, date, day, etc.. Also redesigning many other bits to make it my own. Pretty happy with result. A watch that gives me what I want at a glance! Yes network is 2G not LTE as having issues. Cell company looking into it so until then stuck on 2G as only way to get calls since LTE and 3G go straight to VoiceMail.          

It is designed using Canvas and can be found in the Canvas Store within the app for FREE!  Have at it!    

Canvas Android App - Google Play Link


****  This link will only open on your phone and only after Canvas is installed from Google Play ****

Check out 'CM-lcars Redone' on the Canvas screen store! http://canvasscreen/f9hMMc8tPR 



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